Professional Services for Home Building

Architects are one of the highly educated professionals in home building industry. These professionals can greatly help in implementing the details you want for your home – drawing up building designs and makes a list of specifications for home materials. Architects can also supervise during the progress of your home building. Also, an architect can be a superb resource for other home building professionals, since they often have established a network of contractors, drafts person that they have worked with.

Building Engineers

If you need considerable structural changes to your existing building, the guidance and services from building engineers should be consulted. Basically, a building engineer will release the stamped structural plans including the architectural plans.


Generally, draftsmen arrange technical plans of designs created by architects or engineers, even though they can also help with the plan and the design itself. To put it simply, if the architect is the doctor for your new home, the draftsmen are highly-skilled nurses. With the สร้างบ้าน emergence of new technology, draftsmen now are using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Programs. If you think you have a good plan for your home renovation, you just need to hire a draftsman to setup the blueprints. However, these plans should be checked first by an engineer and an architect before hiring a contractor to start the construction.

Interior Designers

Interior designers, as the name implies, specialize in drafting designs for your home interior. These professionals are highly trained to combine space, design and style to create a healthy and beautiful living space. If you want to focus a certain area of your home, you can always consult with an interior designer. Your interior design is not all about style, colors or furniture types. This is also about the functionality of your living space.

Home Contractors

Home contractors organize and supervise home renovation that usually involves other contractors for masonry, plumbing, electrical installations, interior designs and other professionals to build your home. In looking for home contractors, you need to hire one that has a license to practice. Most home contractors specialize on building new home, although there are contractors who focus their services on home renovation.

Home Décor Specialists

Home Décor Specialists are professionals who provide guidance on furniture, wall papers, themes, styles and the whole interior of your home project. Home décor specialists can save you time and money since they would narrow down your choices when shopping for furniture, home accessories, beddings and other additions to your home.

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Weight Loss Surgeries Are Not a Cure – But a Tool

Weight loss surgeries are not a cure for obesity. Infact you only have a few years to enjoy the sole benefits of weight loss surgeries.

Permanent weight loss is not assured through weight loss surgeries; rather it is about a change in lifestyle. Obviously weight loss surgeries do not constitute a lifestyle change.

Types of weight loss surgeries:

There are basically three types of weight loss surgery procedures;

    (i) Restrictive weight loss surgery (ii) Mal-absorptive weight loss surgery (iii) Restrictive and mal-absorptive (Combined) weight loss surgery.

Restrictive weight loss surgeries are procedures that reduces the size of the stomach such that you are forced to eat less by restricting the amount of food you stomach can hold at a time hence the term restrictive surgery. This is usually done in two main ways, either using staples or using a band.

Both procedures reduce the size of the effective stomach by creating a small pouch out of the main stomach using either the band or staples.

Mal-absorptive weight loss surgeries on the other hand donot limit food intake. It inhibits absorption of calories. The procedures involve eliminating a substantial length of small intestines from coming in contact with the digested food.

The logic behind mal-absorptive surgeries are that though one may eat a lot of calories, fewer calories are absorbed into the blood stream due to a significantly shorter small intestines, the site for nutrient and calorie absorption.

Combined weight loss surgeries are a hybrid of the other two procedures. It has become more common as it is found to be more effective to restrict both calorie intake and absorption.

According to American Society of Bariatric Surgery, about 170,000 people in the year 2005 had weight loss surgeries. Most of these procedures were dome on adults 65 yrs old and younger who had been immobilized by their weigh and related medical conditions.

Weight Loss Surgeries are an extreme support structure:

It is important that weight loss surgeries is understood. They are not a cure for obesity they probably will never be. The only known cure for obesity is a change in lifestyle to a healthy diet and increased physical activities.

As so appropriately suggested by surgeon Harvey Sugerman professor emeritus of Virginia Commonwealth University and a past president of American Society of Bariatric Surgery, weight loss surgery “is a tool”. Indeed it is an extreme tool only for extreme cases.

Among the top 4 reasons you fail in losing weight is lack of weight loss support structures. Weight loss surgeries are support structures. Weight loss support structures are physical means that are designed to aid your physiology as well as psychology in the pursuit to lose weight healthily and safely.
Among the characteristics that weight loss surgeries exhibits support include the fact that weight loss surgery jump stars weight loss.

This is a similar characteristic you will find in a liquid diet or an appetite suppressing weight loss pill. Both can be used under a watchful eye to assist in losing weight. Similarly weight loss surgeries should be handled as weight loss support structure. They are not a cure.

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Easy Ways You Can Turn Click Funnel Into Success

What Are Funnels and How Do They Work?

In marketing, a funnel is a sales technique that is used to “capture” prospective buyers and customers. The “funnel” will attract people to the store (website, etc.). A low-priced product will be offered to attract the buyer’s attention. When the buyer makes the purchase at the widest end or “layer” of the funnel, they will be led to the next level of the funnel. The funnel narrows as the customer goes through the “layers” of the funnel. The customer may stop at any level. That is, the customer may not progress through every layer.

“Layers” or Levels of the Funnel

Once the customer makes the first purchase, they are immediately taken to the next “layer” or level of the funnel. There, the buyer is offered another good deal. This next offer will enhance the first purchase in terms of add-ons that will make the first product so much better or easy to use. This product is generally slightly more expensive than the first product but not so much so that it scares the customer away.

Funnels “Upsell” the Product

The third layer of the funnel will, again, be more costly but will offer the purchaser a product that enhances the use of the first two. The first product does what it says it will do without purchasing the next products but the “upsell” products just make so much sense and the price does not usually add a whole lot more to the cost. The upsell product(s) may be one-time-purchase products or they may be a subscription or membership type of product where there is an ongoing regular payment, perhaps monthly or annually.

There can be many levels in the seller’s funnel. If there is a membership or subscription funnel, it may be that the seller will add more layers (or more products) to the funnel as time goes on.

Example in Marketing

Purchasing a Motorcycle
A buyer purchases a basic model of a motorcycle. Once the buyer has decided to purchase the bike, the salesman may work to upsell the product – leading the purchaser further into the funnel. The purchaser may decide to add a windscreen to the bike. The next add-on may be an upgrade on the seat to allow for a companion to ride behind on the bike. Perhaps then, the salesman will show the purchaser a comfortable backrest for the bike or dressier mirrors.

Not All Buyers Move Down The Funnel

Not all buyers will opt to purchase beyond the first layer clickfunnel discount code of the funnel. That’s okay, because they may eventually come back and add to the bike at a later date. They may not add to the bike later but they may come back to purchase the parallel products or accessories. These might be riding boots, a helmet, riding gloves or leathers. Once the seller determines how far the purchaser will travel down the funnel, they will remember this and further advertise to the buyer in future, announcing product sales, new products or whatever. By that time, the buyer may be ready to make other purchases.

End of the Funnel

The funnel in marketing often never really has an end. There is likely to be a new product, an improvement to the original product, an upgrade, a new style or model and so on. It is wise for the seller to continue to advertise to their customers on a regular basis. They do not want their customers to forget about them and they do want to keep their customers informed about the latest and greatest in their product line. In online marketing, sometimes the buyer will be referred to another seller’s product whether or not the seller is still advertising their own product to the customer. An example of this would be affiliate marketing, where the referring seller will receive a percentage of the sale for the referral.

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Top Tips for a Sustainable Office Fit-Out

The business world is now paying much more attention to the environmental issues; especially compared to five or ten years ago.

The “green” thinking is now becoming an inseparable part of the office fit-out business as well. Both the commercial refurbishment contractors and the business owners started always looking for the most sustainable options at every stage of a project.

This article provides some insider tips for a “sustainable” office fit-out project by a principal contractor company that has been working as principal contractor on a wide variety of office fit-outs:

As the principal contractor, you must educate the client and discuss the benefits of being sustainable.

Be clear to explain that sustainable solutions may cost a little more initially but the long term cost savings and credibility as a ‘green’ business will be considerable. It is important for clients to be helped through this decision making process.

There is nothing more wasteful and unsustainable than having to rearrange the office space and lay-outs after the initial interior design project has been completed.

You can really achieve major savings if the design and the space are considered in terms of standard construction sizes. This saves cutting and wasting products like plasterboard.

Durability and ease of maintenance are vital to both the cost savings and the need to carry out a similar project in the near future; thus minimising the impact on the environment.

  1. It is vital that the business owner (or the facilities manager) understand the benefits of the “eco-friendly” approach to the project.
  2. Do understand the client’s business and how office fit out company they work so the layout and overall design of the office is right and fit for purpose.
  3. Think how the waste can be recycled and minimised during both the strip-out and fit-out processes.
  4. Consider every product used to ensure longevity and life cycle costings.
  5. Source sustainable products and look for chain of custody certification with wood products.
  6. Ensure the building envelope has the highest possible levels of insulation and air-tightness so that heat is not lost from the building.
  7. Look carefully at the mechanical and engineering aspects of the project so that they deliver maximum energy savings and payback.
  8. Use BREEAM and other assessment methods to set the standard for sustainable design best practice. Undertake calculations before and after each project to ascertain that the environmental performance standards originally set have been achieved.
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Effective Android App for Battery Saving

We smartphone users could have experienced the following situation somehow.

Theoretically, only in standby mode can an Android phone battery run for three days or even less. But frequent usage always places the battery in danger. Sometimes we even find the power to be low just a few hours after charging. However, phone calls and messages keep coming one by one, looking so important, and forcing us to get it done.

But what if there is no charger or socket around? It’s not always a charge box offered when you’re walking. To make things worse, the battery capacity seems to decline time after time. In this case, we do need to be aware of the importance of battery saving.

I once followed some tricks concerning battery saving. These tricks, not requiring us to install any related software (for many would dislike complicated software usage), can be said as good using habits including not to place your smartphone beyond certain temperature-range, to shut down the phone when there is no signal, and so on. Anyway, the effect is limited as many battery-killing behaviors are unavoidable.

Sometime ago I turned to an easy-to-use Android ac market application called Battery Booster. Both the plain interface and simple operating made a good impression.

We know that battery capacity is based on system specifications. This application provides accurate information on my battery charge. Entering the operating interface, I’ve got a list showing the real-time capacity, temperature, voltage, etc, which helps to advise me to make decisions on settings, boosting my battery.

Then all I need is just to check or uncheck the options fit for specified situations. I convert to the “Battery Tweak” interface, where I have several choices. With these optional settings, I can turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when device is locked or the battery is low. Also, settings to enable beep and select beep for warning a low battery level is adoptable.

Of course that is not enough. The originality of Battery Booster lies in two special techniques added. One is Home-screen Widget Support and the other a Smart Task Manager. The former leads me to quick operating with shortcuts to settings cutely shown on home-screen, as the latter saves more battery by killing idle process running in the background, both in order to make the application more convenient and effective when compared with others of this kind.

I recently found a new version released online, added with several features such as to show battery level on Notification Bar, different security levels support, Smart Battery Saver function optimized and other minor improvements.

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Play A Poker Game That Ensemble Your Manner

The habits of poker players today, are not at all the same as those of the ancestors. They, at that time, liked to find themselves in mythical places. Like private rooms, land-based casinos to practice their “sport” favorite.

Now, poker, it happens online. More than half of the world’s players have never set foot in a casino. As a result, they have learned to play online and this game mode suits them. It is true that this one is full of advantages. It is been also open to you in this article. Thus you can realize that online poker is not that bad.

Flexibility in schedules

On the net, you can forget all that is appointments, precise schedules, etc. Frankly, here you play whenever you want. If you go to a specialized site, what will jump in your eyes is the incredible number of players. They are connected to each hour of the day, morning, noon and night, even at night. You will always find an organized tournament; you will always find a free “seat” on a cash game table. No matter what your lifestyle is, your professional schedule, online poker welcomes you at any time.

Variety in game modes, variations

If when you go to a land-based casino, you may only have Various Texas Hold’em to represent, when you’re online, you can play almost any variant Omaha, Stud, Pineapple, etc., and High, Low or High / Low version, whatever. It is a pleasure to vary the pleasures, to have this diversity to wear hands. Perhaps find a version that will please you even more than the traditional and very popular Texas Hold’em.

The possibility of rubbing against all types of players

What makes us progress in poker is to always meet new players, with new strategies. It puts in place techniques that you do not know yet, analyze their game, their behavior. Actually, if you play with friends, or always in the same poker room, chances are you’re fully easy your classmates. Therefore, the game is no longer a surprise, in which case you could stagnate level. Playing online will introduce you to a lot of new players that you will have to adapt to. It can only be beneficial for your progress.

The bonuses available

Finally, the bonuses developed by the specialized sites are really advantageous. Some of them represent up to 5000 € more on your deposits, depending of course on the sum of these. Although, bonuses are subject to special conditions that must be read and re-read before committing. To understand them well, they remain quite advantageous and allow players to be more comfortable with their bankroll.

Play online poker in real or fictitious money:

Finally, those who do not know online poker games sometimes think, wrongly, that you cannot play poker online without betting money. Now all online poker rooms who have obtained a license offer the opportunity to play in fictitious money mode. Better yet, online poker rooms regularly offer free poker tournaments. In this you can make money, without betting, this is called freerolls. It’s the poker room that offers money to the player who finishes in the first places.



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Casino Slots- A Tip That You Need Now For Winning

Winning at casino slots is not easy. And if you have already checked out some of the advice on winning it then you must know how it works. However, some of the advice might be very good but some are complete BS. So, which one should you follow? Well, you must be able to separate wheat and chaff. And this article will help you do that. There are endless casino slots machines and experimenting with everyone is not possible. Therefore, we have come up with some useful tricks. These are effects and proven ways.

Tips at casino slots

No deposit bonus codes

You should first try tricking the casino first. The fact is that there are a lot of casinos that offer no deposit bonus codes. And with the right one, you can always be happy. Every casino wants to out-do others thus benefiting the players. They give you free money what we call no deposit bonus codes. You cannot lose here even a real dime. However, you have to search for such bonuses. You can thus play it for free and win real money without any deposit.

Divide and rule

This is an old strategy that allows you to win by dividing the two-party and taking advantage of it. In short, you can take advantage of the casinos who claim that they give free chips, spins, and bonuses. However, the players should look first at the wagering requirement. It will multiply the amount you would bet and then release the bonus. Play through and wagering requirements are the same. The good deal is one with 10x or less.

 Look for losing slots

The sots pay at different rates and that is not the myth. Many players don’t know this thus they don’t prefer playing at multiple casino slots. And casinos don’t want their players to figure out this. But our readers know this so look for the loose casino slot machines.


Avoid some slots

We told you about lose slots but you have to be careful about some slots as well which are not good to play. The casino takes its marketing loss very seriously than you think. Do you really think they are happy when you win huge or mega jackpots? Of course, not as they want to compensate for that loss. Therefore, they set some machines that make players lose and they win. This would compensate for their other loses. So, be aware of those slot machines. Usually, don’t play at machines those don’t give results even after playing a long time. It is better to move to another casino slot machine.

Random is good

Random slots jackpot and progressive jackpots are two common types you will see at online casinos. Random ones are fixed and appear randomly. However, the amount of progressive jackpots depends on the number of player playing. Therefore, it is good to go at random. But sometimes progressive jackpot machines are also good as they come in multi forms as well. Here a player gets a mega chance to win the mega jackpot and become a millionaire. So, keep this advice in mind and play at casino slots.

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The Do You Need A Mesothelioma Lawyer? Ideas

This is possibly as a result of the changes in workplace exposure to asbestos. The Environmental Defense Firm developed a ban on new usage of asbestos in 1989 . At the exact same time, the EPA called for college systems to inspect for asbestos and also to either remove or cover the product so it will not enter the air.

Prior to you call an injury lawyer, gather some information. You do not need to be an investigator, however assemble as much details about your papa’s direct exposure to asbestos. Jot down his work history, including his specific task as well as the years he worked. Was your papa a ship contractor, plumbing professional, insulation installer, railroad or automobile worker? Was he in the U.S

. Our firm has actually been around for greater than twenty years as well as our only purpose is to aid individuals who have actually been hurt as a result of the oversight of one more person or organisation. Call our workplace at 404-400-4000 for a complimentary as well as personal assessment. We have clinical experts and legal researchers that can assist us with your case.

Top Guidelines Of Hope For Mesothelioma Victims

The most typical reasons of mesothelioma cancer as well as asbestos cancer cells is direct exposure to asbestos. Also a brief direct exposure several years ago can create these illness. The American Cancer Culture records that there are uncommon situations that are perhaps brought on by exposure of high doses of radiation. Guys are more probable to have this illness, however once more, the American Cancer Culture presumes this is since males are more probable to operate in jobs with heavy direct exposure to asbestos than ladies, Mesothelioma Attorney.

federal government study predicted that males birthed in the 1940s would certainly be the most influenced. Normally, there is a two-year time limit to submit an injury claim. However this condition takes such a very long time to develop and there is no other way to expect submitting a claim up until you have the disease.

If you or somebody you enjoy has actually been detected with mesothelioma cancer, call our attorneys at call at 404-400-4000 and also we’ll walk you via your choices in your situation. Asbestos was used in construction as a fire retardant and insulation because it has high heat resistance and fiber toughness. Asbestos is so fire resistant that it was when used in fire fighters’s gloves as well as cinema curtains.

The Single Strategy To Use For Filing A Mesothelioma Lawsuit

Nevertheless, since the product is so fine, spouses and also kids were revealed as well. Anybody washing for an employee would have been revealed. People revealed to asbestos additionally can create lung cancer or an extremely major, progressive non-cancer disease called asbestosis . If your loved one has passed away from mesothelioma, we are extremely sorry for your loss.

You or an additional relative might have the opportunity to file a wrongful fatality case . This allows the suitable relative to redeem some financial losses, consisting of the loss of income, from the negligent party. Unfortunately, there is no treatment yet for mesothelioma cancer, but the National Cancer Society reports that treatments are boosting to extend the life of individuals.

Their fee comes out of any negotiation. If there is no negotiation, the company is expected to soak up the fee. Please find a knowledgeable injury law firm with enough resources to combat this fight for you. You only have one chance to eliminate this insurance claim. Please safeguard on your own. John Foy & Associates is a huge, reputable accident firm located in the heart of Atlanta.

What Does Best Mesothelioma Lawyers Do?

With greater than 20 lawyers as well as virtually 100 staffers we have the resources to combat multi-billion companies that have massive internal lawful teams. Insurance provider recognize us as well as they understand they can not cajole our clients into taking less than they are entitled to. We have a great deal of companions in the clinical community that can aid as witnesses as well as additionally advisors to see to it you are obtaining the best possible care.

We staff it 24 hr a day, 7 days a week, particularly to assist individuals like you. Mesothelioma/Asbestos Cancer Information as well as Details ABC 7 Chicago records that a Philly educator states that she established cancer because of asbestos exposure in institutions. Lea Di Russo is preparing to file a lawsuit versus the School District of Philadelphia after being diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Most recently, she was an educator at Meredith Primary school. She’s had to give up training as a result of her medical diagnosis. The institution area as well as instructor’s unions have actually called a professional to explore the grievances about asbestos in Philadelphia colleges. Superintendent Dr. William Hite purchased a visual assessment of every college to be completed by December 20th.

The Facts About Looking For An Experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer? Revealed

Asbestos is a heat-resistant, coarse silicate material that can be woven into materials. It is made use of in fire-resistant and also insulating products. Sadly, asbestos can be harmful to health and wellness. When asbestos fibers are inhaled, they can come to be caught in mucous membrane layers, where they can after that enter the lungs and also digestion system.

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The Flourishing Business of Wholesale Jewelry

The business of wholesale jewelry has significantly revolutionized over the years. Today, a large number of wholesalers and vendors are increasingly offering latest and “one of its kinds” collections in order to provide a diverse range to choose from. In the past, there has been a limited assortment of costume amulets that were traditionally made from simulated stones and plastic. However, with changing times and enhanced creativity, retailers have started offering a wide spectrum of jewels that are made from array of materials. Some of these may include metal, pearls, wood, plastic, beads and semi precious stones.

Over the years, the business of wholesale jewelry has grown by leaps and bounds. This is primarily due to the fact that many people are not able to afford designer jewelries owing to their skyrocketing prices. In order to make such exquisite pieces easily affordable for more and more people, many wholesalers are offering some incredible collections at a price that is essentially easy on the pocket. wholesale ring With the advent of internet, the wholesale jewelry business has a wide reach as many vendors and home-based business owners in this genre have made their presence felt across the globe via an official website. The online venture is extremely profitable to the owners and the prospective customers. This gives a favorable opportunity to a large number of potential customers to make an apt choice of jewel among a wide selection that is mostly displayed on the website of the vendor. This in turn facilitates people to review the entire collection at a glance with the price reference thereby enabling them to make the most desirable selection.

One can find array of amulets according to individual tastes and preferences to secure maximum satisfaction of the customers. Many people are of the opinion that since these jewelries are often low-priced as compared to the retail collections, these may not ensure superior quality and authenticity. However, this myth holds no truth as wholesalers assure impeccable quality and usability at the best price possible. A large variety of materials are creatively crafted to produce exotic and dazzling collection of the wholesale jewelry. The designs are intricate and detailed that essentially marks the brilliance in craftsmanship and incomparable skill. Vendors in the wholesale business provide a one-stop shop for varied types of trinkets that are unique and easily wearable on different formal and informal occasions. Some of these may include danglers, earrings, neck pieces, bangles, anklets, rings, bracelets, belly rings, nose rings and many such spectacular pieces that accentuate the beauty of a woman.

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Facebook Funded Funnel Proposal

The buzz and hot new topic of conversation I’m hearing from online opportunity seeker circles is the concept of the “Funded Funneled Proposal” and how can I make one work for me on Facebook?

First I will attempt to answer the question often asked “What is a Funded Funnel Proposal”.

Also I will review Facebook and whether or not it can be used as a marketing tool or is this just a scam promoted by business opportunity marketers to their new signups.

So what is a Funded Funnel? In general a funded funneled proposal is an interim marketing process used to take someone from being a prospect to becoming a paid distributor or affiliate member in your primary business.

A proper funded proposal also generates cash flow and provides the funds or money clickfunnels product review needed to cover the operating, marketing and promotion of your primary business.

Here are just some of the costs which a lot of small home based businesses, network marketers or online marketers don’t consider when getting started.

1. Computers and Computer Maintenance
2. Monthly Internet Service Provider Fees
3. Domain Names
4. Web Sites and Hosting Fees
5. Monthly Auto Responders Fees
6. Monthly Auto Ship Requirements
7. Sample Products
8. Shipping Costs
9. Outside Training
10. Paid Advertising Campaigns

If you are serious about your business opportunity and plan on sticking with it, then it is a good idea to strongly consider creating and implementing a Funded Proposal regardless of how you promote it.

Although these costs and considerations are usually never discussed when new recruits or members are being asked to join. Money quickly becomes an issue by the second or third month of there business when they realize they have run out of people to share their new million dollar opportunity with.

This is why many newbie’s are told to go on Facebook to do there marketing. They are told that it’s free. Marketing on face book is free however new spamming rules are making it more difficult to promote your business in the old fashion way. Posting links to your companies replicated web site on a “Friends Wall” can get your account suspended. Even though thousands are doing it everyday, you are at any given time just one or two clicks away from having your account turned off permanently. All you have to do is peeve the wrong person on the wrong day and you are reported as a spammer.

Facebook has become one the most popular sites not only to connect or reconnect with friends but also a platform to connect and make new friends and possibly develop business relationships.

It also has become a haven for business marketing through self created groups on just about every business category you can imagine.

Joining any of these groups will allow you to add friends from these groups.

If your business can help members of these general categories it would be beneficial to join these groups and then start adding friends by friend requesting individual group members. Here are just some recommended groups to join when attempting to increase your friends list:

Affiliate marketing
Network Marketing
Multi Level Marketing
Online or SEO marketing
Make money from home
Specific Company Names

Although most people in these Facebook groups already belong to or are in a business, they also are looking for opportunities that might help promote there existing business, or possibly other streams of income like yours.

So what to look for in a funded funneled proposal for Facebook? Remember the list of marketing costs associated with most all online opportunities. Look for essential marketing services or tools from that list that every marketer needs and uses which offer affiliate opportunities. Affiliate opportunities that pay you a commission when you refer a new customer. Become an affiliate and obtain a marketing link from the provider. You then place links on your website or promote your link in the Facebook chat room when you chat with new marketers that you recently added to your friends list.

Your purpose is to try to become a problem solver. You do this be suggesting that they consider a simple funded proposal. A funded proposal which includes making the essential marketing tools used by every marketer pay for them self.

So is a Facebook Funded Funneled Proposal a Fact or Fiction? Is marketing on Facebook for free a scam or spam?

“A Facebook Funded Funneled Proposal” is a fact when you use affiliate marketing tools to fund and offset your marketing costs.

Marketing on Facebook for free is not a scam when you don’t spam, add friends, connect in the chat room and then help your Facebook friends find solutions to their marketing costs.

Walter Rice is not an Internet Guru; he’s just a regular guy who has figured out how to make a good living marketing on the net. Simple strategies that take into consideration the lowest common money and knowledge denominator. Walter has discovered like himself that most people are skeptical, and don’t have money to waste or lose on businesses that aren’t realistic or make good business sense.

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